90 Day Money Back Efficacy Guarantee

We guarantee that Factor IV and the Booster AMPLIFIERS will perform any or all of the below benefits, or your money back.

Taking Factor IV along with your Booster AMPLIFIER daily:

- Helps stop excessive hair loss (not including normal loss)
- Helps hair to grow thicker and healthier
- Helps heal acne and return your skin to more healthier condition
- Helps your nails grow stronger and healthier
- Helps increase your energy and libido
- Helps your shorten your recover time from workout injuries
What is the difference between a guarantee and an efficacy guarantee?
A satisfaction guarantee implies that you are satisfied with the result of a product or service.

An efficacy guarantee implies that the product will do what it says it will do, given that you are taking it as suggested. Although satisfaction is almost always part of the equation, it is possible for you not to be. In other words, Factor IV’s nutrition helps promote hair growth. However, if your baldness has left you with no hair root available below your scalps surface, there’s nothing for the nourishment to cause to grow. In this scenrio, although you may not be fully satisfied, you’ll understand fully how the product is right there working.

Living a healthy lifestyle can only help guarantee your results to satisfaction as well. However, doing anything which compromises healthy living, will cause Factor IV and the Booster AMPLIFIERS to work over time to effect any changes in your nutritional status. Although good nutrition will be going in, its impact may not show up for weeks or months, if at all because or your actions to antidote the results.

The Promise that you make to yourself (see section) will help you to realize the wonderful results in it for you.

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Please note: All Factor IV products are temporarily out of stock. The new and improved formula is almost compete and will be ready for sale soon!

Factor IV
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