Factor IV - Booster Amplifiers

The Booster AMPLIFIERS are specially formulated to help boost and hasten the benefits of Factor IV on your hair, skin and nails. Each packet has the appropriate amount of supplementation to provide Factor IV with the amplification needed to be injected into your body on a cellular level in order to affect a change. The Booster AMPLIFIERS are your addition to a great daily regiment.

Factor IV Booster tri-pak Amplifier for Women:
Ingredients: A Proprietary blend of fish oil, custom multi-vitamin and calcium/magnesium.

Factor IV Booster Quad Amplifier for Men:
Ingredients: A Proprietary blend of fish oil, custom multi-vitamin, calcium/magnesium and saw palmetto.

The Booster Amplifiers are FREE of:
Yeast, milk/dairy, sugars, wheat gluten, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, corn, starch and preservatives.

How to take The Booster Amplifiers:
Taking the Booster Amplifiers couldn’t be easier. Take just one packet daily and it will support Factor IV and allow it to work at its optimal efficacy level. The Booster try-pak AMPLIFIER significantly aids in decreasing your body’s response time and amplifies the effects of Factor IV.


Please note: All Factor IV products are temporarily out of stock. The new and improved formula is almost compete and will be ready for sale soon!

Makes Great Tasting Shakes & Smoothies!

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