Our Mission

Driven by excellence and the intention to exceed expectation, we at Baroncrest Enterprises are committed to making a significant impact on human nutritional consumption by utilizing natural ingredients, creating powerful and effective products that advance and support health and well being.

The achievement of Factor IV high potency powder nutrition and the Booster AMPLIFIERS, demonstrates the premier efforts of this intention.

Our Promise to You:

Factor IV & your Booster AMPLIFIER will work powerfully to deliver the best nutritional environment for your hair, skin, nails and more. Depending upon your body’s make up, you will experience the same as the testers have shared in their testimonials, given optimal conditions.

Your existing hair will grow healthier and possibly increase in diameter; skin will rejuvenate and become healthier; nails will grow faster and stronger. benefits which may be experienced outside of our intended promise include: more energy, better sleep patterns, higher libido and over all wellness. The provision of an optimal environment for healthy hair, skin and nails, is what Factor IV delivers. this is our promise.

You may not however, experience all of the specific results that you wish to see. For instance, you might not experience any hair growth. The reason might be that you no longer have any hair root available to nourish. In order for any hair to realistically grow, you need to have your hair root present. If you don’t see hair growing, it illustrates the absence of a hair root. Likewise, if you want to see any nail growth, a nail must usually be present on your toes or fingers. Also, if you are genetically destined to be bald, you will eventually have that experience. Although it might be eminent, Factor IV will surely help slow that process down for you.

Your Promise to Yourself:

This promise is also one that you make to us as well. We place honest and good faith in you honoring your word as you enjoy the most natural highly-potent and effective products available.

I promise myself to take Factor IV and the Booster AMPLIFIER supplements daily.
I promise myself to drink plenty of water and eat as much live food (raw veggies and fruit) as possible every day,
I promise myself to make sure that my diet plan is as healthy as can be.
I promise myself to get the appropriate amount of sleep that my body needs, exercise moderately and not stress out at work.
I promise myself to not use Factor IV as a magic pill for my failure to be responsible around my health and well being.
I promise myself to honor my word and promises.
I promise myself to be fully responsible for my health & well-being and honor my"earth suit" (aka. my body) for as long as I live.

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Please note: All Factor IV products are temporarily out of stock. The new and improved formula is almost compete and will be ready for sale soon!

Factor IV
High Potency Powder Nutrition

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