Meet Ron Baron

Ron Baron was the Director of Education for Perma USA, a hair color and products company from Paris, France. Mr. Baron wrote the company’s encyclopedia on hair color theory and product knowledge. Ron trained throughout Europe and educated professionals within the United States on color theory, advanced hair design and professionalism. Mr. Baron has been a hair designer for 30 years and owned a high-end spa and salon on the east coast for 10 years. Ron has a BS degree in Biology and Psychology, with a minor in child development.

After many years of watching clients suffer and complain about their hair loss, Ron decided to find a solution and create a product that would not only stop hair from falling out, but grow hair. After extensive research, Ron has formulated the mega-nutrients which helps hair to grow.

Factor IV – is a High Potency Powder Nutrition, for Hair, Skin, Nails. It is the first therapeutic dosage of it’s kind and is comparable to none. All others on the market are supplemental and are not able to effect a change. Factor IV is a super food and has had other beneficial effects from what testimonials have shown.

Mr. Baron is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys bridging the gap between what a healthy mind, body and soul and a healthy solution.

Ron Baron, Founder/CEO


Please note: All Factor IV products are temporarily out of stock. The new and improved formula is almost compete and will be ready for sale soon!

Factor IV
High Potency Powder Nutrition

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