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Baroncrest Enterprises brings to you Factor IV - High Potency Powder Nutrition for hair, skin, nails and more. Mr. Baron has been aware for years about the concerns which people have regarding thinning hair, going bald, and having bad skin as well as weak nails.

In 1998, Ron discovered what he thought was a solution to their concerns. He private labeled a supplement for hair, skin and nail, which was only successful in sales, not desired results. There were four key ingredients: Biotin, Pectin, Folic Acid and B-Complex vitamins. Because of those four key ingredients, he decided to call it "Factor IV". Although the ingredients were certainly appropriate, Ron had a strong sense that the recommended dosage was insufficient. He would suggest that clients increase their initial dosages. This appeared to make little difference although clients were thrilled and sales skyrocketed. Ron realized back then that the dosage needed to be more therapeutic in order to be effective.

Eighteen years later, and after extensive research, an incredible combination of natural ingredients was created to formulate the “new” Factor IV. This time the name is represented by the four product components: Herbs, Minerals, Vitamins, and Amino Acids. To date, Factor IV remains the first and only therapeutic dosage available at this time. It is a powdered shake nutrition that packs 35 times the power of the original Factor IV supplement.

Factor IV helps to restore the body to optimal health, promotes healthy results with hair grown, clear skin and strong nails. Other positive effects have been noted in client testimonials which aren't even related to hair grow and great skin. People have shared about having more energy as well as quicker recovery time from working out.

Ron Baron encourages his clients to be on a proper diet, have a good exercise routine, get adequate sleep and remain accountable for their own personal well being. Ron says, “Although there isn’t a magic pill, Factor IV helps to give the body key nutrition that it’s missing for optimum health and well being.” Factor IV fosters great results and we encourage you to continue to be responsible for living a healthy lifestyle.

Factor IV‘s results are put into turbo-charge when you add the Booster Amplifiers – The Booster tri-pak for women and The Booster Quad for men.

The Booster tri-pak Amplifier contains three supplements; a calc/mag combo, fish oil, and a specifically formulated multiple vitamin. The Booster Quad Amplifier includes the same, plus the addition of saw palmetto, that address concerns for male pattern baldness. Both Booster Amplifiers support and increase the effects of Factor IV. Noticeable results can be seen between 4-6 weeks. Without the Boosters, results will tend to show up later on.

Baroncrest Enterprises is committed to making sure that their products and services help create optimum conditions for your mind, body and spirit.

Promotes growth of healthy, abundant hair!


Please note: All Factor IV products are temporarily out of stock. The new and improved formula is almost compete and will be ready for sale soon!

Factor IV
High Potency Powder Nutrition

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