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"The improvement to my toe nails and finger nails is remarkable and significant. The young lady that cuts my hair was taken back at how much thicker she thought my hair was and pointed out new hair growth that I wasn’t aware of. She was impressed and was interested in helping me to monitor new growth each month when I returned for my haircut. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I chose to live with the symptoms of occasional cold shivers, coarse hair, dry skin, fatigue and constipation. The constipation I have been able to control through my exercise routine. The last ten days has been so hectic for me that time for running has not been available. That usually is accompanied by bloating due to constipation. Without getting too specific or graphic, I will say there has been a noticeable lack of that problem. My body has been doing a regular job of processing and eliminating. It occurred to me that this can only be a result of Factor IV. I have found a completely unexpected improvement to my physical well-being. I’m about six weeks into this study and I have to say I am amazed weekly with the results that I can attribute directly to Factor IV." ~ Hugh G.

"Just as an FYI, over the weekend, I saw some noticeable growth starting on my head. It really gave me a big confidence boost! Just so you know I also had my Chinese medicine doctor do Kinesiology on me to test out whether Factor IV was good for my body and he said it was! I was surprised because he has tested many supplements and protein powders on me over the past couple of years and not one of them was a slam dunk." ~ Rob D.

"When I started taking Factor IV, I was hopeful, but skeptical. After a few weeks on the product I noticed that my hair felt different. There was something happening. I could actually see new hair coming in areas where it was sparse. My skin has cleared up and has become more supple. My manicurist trims my nails more often and they’re stronger. The one thing I didn’t expect was how it affected my eyelashes. They are fuller and more lush. That was a wonderful perk that was never expected. How a woman feels about the way she looks is very important. Her hair can make her feel sexy and beautiful. Factor IV gave me back the confidence to feel good about myself." ~ Dawnne R.

"I have had fine, icky hair/skin/nails/ since high school (which was back in the early 70?s). In just a month I have seen new hair coming in. I especially noticed it right at my part line. My hair just seems healthier. My nails and skin seem better (feel like I look younger) so looking forward to what is going to happen by month 6…" ~ Sandy O.

"I have found that using your Factor IV has been very beneficial in the areas of controlling psoriasis and the increase in my level of energy. I would recommend this product to anyone." ~ Regards, Dave

"Factor IV is an amazing nutritional supplement. What sets it apart from the other supplements is the therapeutic dosages of its ingredients. It has a truly unique combination of ingredients that is unparalleled on the market today. Factor IV also has no additives whatsoever, making it a great food supplement. The therapeutic dosages allow for maximum benefit at completely safe levels." ~ Dr. D. Hill. Phoenix, AZ

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Factor IV Testimonial
Factor IV Testimonial
Factor IV Testimonial
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Factor IV Testimonial

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